Exploring the new Festival of the Arts at Epcot 

Greetings wonderful Disney fans,

A few weeks ago, I was graciously hosted by Disney to experience the new Epcot International Festival of the Arts, which kicked off January 13th (and will run on weekends- Friday through Monday- through February 20th). As per usual Epcot awesomeness, it was WONDERFUL! So much so, that this past weekend, the hubs and I decided to go back and have ourselves a date-night at Epcot to enjoy the festival again! Here are some insights and highlights I picked up after exploring this new Festival of the Arts.

Date-night photo op in front of the Germany Pavilion


At this inaugural Epcot International: Festival of the Arts there is so much to see and do! For a first year runner, this festival really outdid itself! From culinary, to artistic, to performing arts, this festival doesn’t skip a beat! And you won’t either. You will be immersed in so much artistry, all your senses will be delighted!

Here are my MUST DO’s:

I love great photo-ops and the ones here were uniquely awesome. At this festival, you not only get to see great art, you can hop right into it!

Want to leave a mark? Don’t skip the Paint by numbers mural near the entrance of the World Showcase as you walk towards Canada. Each guest receives a paint brush and a paint sample with a number on it so they can locate the number and paint away. Only 5 squares per guest, please!  Be sure to check out the mural throughout the day so you can see it take shape! As you exit, they provide a fun postcard of what the mural will look like when completed.

Don’t miss out on meeting some of the talented artists at the pop-up galleries throughout World Showcase. They were great to chat with and were signing and dedicating purchased prints. What a great keepsake!

The kids really got a kick out of Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger hunt. It was not a super challenging hunt so my nine-year-old really committed to it until we were done. He was super proud and enjoyed his surprise prize at the end! The cost is $6.99 for the map.

As a family, we also enjoyed the Animators Academy, a complimentary seminar where an artist taught the class how to draw a Disney character. I can barely draw stick figures y’all but these folks know what they are doing and my Mickey actually looked pretty good! This seminar, located in the Festival Center at the Innoventions building across from Test Track, is also offered throughout the day. The Cast Member there advised us to arrive about 30 minutes prior to the seminar time slot we wanted to attend to make sure we got in. We did so and had no issues!

The food kiosks offerings looked amazing! The CM’s were carefully plating everything with such detail. The con to this, for my crew specifically, was that it was so artsy, my kids were intimidated. It also caused long lines because of the meticulous nature of the plating for some of these dishes. They looked wonderful, but if anyone in the family is starving, you might be better off eating a large meal then sampling these as snacks or desserts.

Wake me up, before you Gogh, Gogh… Haha! Let’s PLAN!

For my type A planners: I have good and bad news, you can plan for this festival, but you don’t have to. I found that the only things that really needed legitimate scheduled plans were the paid seminar offerings and the Broadway Concert Series. The paid seminars were mostly geared for adults and the cost was $39 per person. My advice for the concert series, if you want great seats and rather not waste precious park time on a stand-by line, is to book a dining package.

Other than that, in true artist fashion, this whimsical festival allowed us to explore at our leisure with multiple time offerings for complimentary seminars and great live entertainment throughout the day. Make sure you keep an eye out for the performances at the Fountain Stage Plaza by live artists making canvases come to life right before your eyes; or Epcot’s American Music Machine creating Music with no instruments, other than their voices!

This festival is a must see and with so much to do, I would even suggest going more than once during your visit!

See below for a  fun video of our experience.

With love, from a more cultured and artsy self than I was before attending this wicked cool festival,




*I was selected to serve as a 2017 Disney Parks Mom Panelist, an independent contract position with magical benefits. All opinions are my own.

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